Dreams and loves – and Gaijin


Again, sorry about the quality, but I am moving around a lot. At the moment I’m in Rovaniemi and I have again no scanner whatsoever. Also my tablet is broken.
I… I have to do something about this.


Piirsin tämän vuoden Team Pärvelön Gaijin antologiaan nelisivuisen sarjakuvajournalismi…artikkelin. Ostakaa se! Lukekaa se!

Näytekappalesivu! Antologiassa on myös paljon muuta tosi hyvää ja mielenkiintoista settiä!



Thanks Hanhan, for drawing the prequel of the hairdresser.

This week I didn’t draw anything new because of reasons (ENTRANCE EXAMA WORK ALIFE FDgAdgfd). So instead I’ll show some original ideas.

Original vitamin d

The first sketch of Vitamin D. She was supposed to be called Sunna but I ended up with Doris because then it can be Vitamin Doris.

Also, I originally intended to build a blog around a girl called Nami. Nami would have had a much closer relationship to me as a blogger than Mona, but it was too close so I didn’t like it. ”Nami” is also a very old nick name I got while being totally addicted to a certain mmorpg. It just felt Nami was more like me than it’s own character and thus had difficulties in having her own life.

Here is  some of it (it’s a year old).

The shop is called nothing lul.

The character, nature and design of Mona kind of ended up being a smash up of Nami and Lola. Lola is loosely based to my friend, kokkoroo. It’s not the first and the last character to do that. It’s nothing personal. I just like her grooooove. ^o^)/

I might use Nami as a character later too :3 Lola might be visually too similar to Mona.

If anyone has any hopes or questions about this blog, feel free to comment.