The blogger

Haha. Not really. Haha.

I wanted to try updating something weekly again. I have succeeded so far! ☆ This blog is so much fun for me! ME ME ME! It’s totally about me. This self centered, individualistic, modern culture lets us do all kind of blogging about ourselves, eh? Now I’m annoying myself again… It’s so hard to be ambivalent aaaargh.  This thing still has a message and a plot of a some kind so, it’s not totally about random.


I’m sorry.



I drew this basically in a train (not in any SMOOTH train, I can assure you). It also looks like it. I’m sorry.
eheheh lucky I decided to go for a sketch comic in the first place.
This way everything will be forgiven!!

I’m on the run the next two weeks. There is Desucon coming up and everything!
It also means the next week update is probably nothing much because I’ll be leaving my laptop home (I’m already regretting this). But maybe that will make me draw more than usual!