Pokémon Go!






Reality hits you hard.

Also in Pokémon Go:

pokemon gooo

(This actually happened to me when I was running around the yard with my families’ dog but with these two it becomes interesting.)
Rip baby hare ;_____;

Pokémon, eh… catching free animals… and making them fight… what a tragic game…


I drew this basically in a train (not in any SMOOTH train, I can assure you). It also looks like it. I’m sorry.
eheheh lucky I decided to go for a sketch comic in the first place.
This way everything will be forgiven!!

I’m on the run the next two weeks. There is Desucon coming up and everything!
It also means the next week update is probably nothing much because I’ll be leaving my laptop home (I’m already regretting this). But maybe that will make me draw more than usual!

Dreams and loves – and Gaijin


Again, sorry about the quality, but I am moving around a lot. At the moment I’m in Rovaniemi and I have again no scanner whatsoever. Also my tablet is broken.
I… I have to do something about this.


Piirsin tämän vuoden Team Pärvelön Gaijin antologiaan nelisivuisen sarjakuvajournalismi…artikkelin. Ostakaa se! Lukekaa se!

Näytekappalesivu! Antologiassa on myös paljon muuta tosi hyvää ja mielenkiintoista settiä!