Thanks Hanhan, for drawing the prequel of the hairdresser.

This week I didn’t draw anything new because of reasons (ENTRANCE EXAMA WORK ALIFE FDgAdgfd). So instead I’ll show some original ideas.

Original vitamin d

The first sketch of Vitamin D. She was supposed to be called Sunna but I ended up with Doris because then it can be Vitamin Doris.

Also, I originally intended to build a blog around a girl called Nami. Nami would have had a much closer relationship to me as a blogger than Mona, but it was too close so I didn’t like it. ”Nami” is also a very old nick name I got while being totally addicted to a certain mmorpg. It just felt Nami was more like me than it’s own character and thus had difficulties in having her own life.

Here is  some of it (it’s a year old).

The shop is called nothing lul.

The character, nature and design of Mona kind of ended up being a smash up of Nami and Lola. Lola is loosely based to my friend, kokkoroo. It’s not the first and the last character to do that. It’s nothing personal. I just like her grooooove. ^o^)/

I might use Nami as a character later too :3 Lola might be visually too similar to Mona.

If anyone has any hopes or questions about this blog, feel free to comment.